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Pre-K Counts in Pittsburgh, PA

Do you have a pre-school aged child? Are you looking for a way to help him or her perform better in the first years of school? Consider enrolling your child in the Pre-K Counts program, a Pennsylvania initiative intended to help children prepare for kindergarten and beyond.
What is Pre-K Counts?
Pre-K Counts is a program designed to help children transition from preschool education to kindergarten. Under state guidelines, this program is specifically intended to help children who
  • Are at least three years of age, but not old enough to enter kindergarten
  • Come from a low income family and may not have access to other preschool options
We help these students succeed going forward by cultivating an engaging and encouraging environment. Our curriculum includes:
  • Activities specifically intended to improve students’ academic and social performance
  • Regular progress reviews to identify and resolve potential issues
  • Small classroom groups to ensure students receive individual attention
We understand how important learning efforts at a young age are to your child’s overall development and school performance. Our team focuses on helping Pre-K Counts students love to learn. These efforts ensure that your child feels confident and comfortable entering a kindergarten classroom.
How Do You Enroll?
At the Small World Early Learning & Development Center, we offer Pre-K Counts from September to June from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. In addition to the standard portion of the program we also offer wrap-around childcare options.
This program has a limited number of slots for students so please contact us as early as possible to inquire about availability. Contact us today to learn about Pre-K Counts and our other programs.